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All Prep Laundry

Option 2: Wash & Fold plus Hang Dry

Option 2: Wash & Fold plus Hang Dry

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Option 2 includes:

Option 1:

-Wash/dry/fold laundry

-Laundering of personal bed and bath items (sheets, pillowcase, towels, etc)

-Picked up and delivered to your dorm!

-Eco Friendly Service: all organic cleaning, less water, gas, and electricity


-now for under $30 a week!

-Gentle care washing INCLUDED

-Any garments that need special drying or separate washing that don't require dry cleaning.

-Garments that need to be hung dried or laid flat will be sorted and all other laundry will go into dryers. 

-Shrink wrap all delicates, button down shirts and sweaters

-Because of the extra care we ask that all option 2 clients please put students names in all garments.

Only $925 a year


2 laundry bags and one dry cleaning bag will provided by us.

Shipping & Returns

If you sign up before the school year we will have your bag(s) at registration or put into your dorm.

Returns/cancellation/termination of swervice must be in writing. please email, mail or fax letter to all prep laundry. from the date we recieve the notification a $30 a week prorated rate will be calculated. There are no refunds after March 1 2023

Care Instructions

All laundry must be able to tolerate being washed and dried in commercial laundry machines. our dryers are medium heat. Option 2 and 3 clients please put students name in all clothing

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